Meet Nella

“Voice, Vision and Visibility to create an impact is key to raising profiles and becoming influential leaders.”

Nella Chikwe, is a global speaker & leadership advisor who is passionate to assisting committed, high-achieving visionary leaders increase their value and  influence.  Ultimately, elevating their personal power and prosperity.

A Financial & Wealth Advisor, with over 15 years of industry experience.  Nella is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, who has delivered educational, inspirational and transformational talks for corporate events on wealth creation, women empowerment and leadership.

She is an influencer with an innate ability to ignite soul’s purpose with passion.

Founder of Winston Cartier Publishing & The Unstoppable Woman Of Purpose Global Movement. Nella has been educating, empowering and elevating visionaries to lead successful lives with confidence, certainty and conviction.

Nella is an international bestselling author, publisher and change agent with degrees in business, marketing and finance.

Nella’s passion is to inspire leaders to become influential in sharing their story and expertise by speaking, writing and publishing. Clients are lead by Nella Chikwe’s palpable energy and great passion for living on purpose.  As she fondly states; “…with purposeful plan and a platform for impact – professional practices will ultimately prosper; turning purpose into profit.”

Nella actively consults, educate and empowers corporations, medium to small enterprises and visionary entrepreneurs in areas of personal and business development.  Nella’s consulting, speaking and coaching area of expertise includes; entrepreneurship, thought leadership, mindset mastery, wealth creation, negotiation, sales and influence.  A quintessential leader that will catapult visions to another influential dimension.

Nella is a passionate mother of two children and resides in Melbourne, Australia.




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