The Unstoppable Woman Of Purpose Global Movement mission is to raise up women leaders globally. To educate, empower and elevate visionary women, to lead successful lives and businesses with confidence, certainty and conviction.  Assisting passionate and high-achieving women who desire to do more, be more and no longer play small; increase their value and influence.

‘Confidence is a woman’s timeless accessory’  – Nella Chikwe

A global platform to allow their voices to be heard, vision to expand that transcends borders and visibility to create a global impact.

Reaching women globally who desire to unleash their inner-fierce self, embrace their gifts with feminine grace, expand their thinking, creativity, giving and living.  Women leaders who unapologetically charge their power, ultimately stepping into that UNSTOPPABLE Woman of Purpose they were born to be!

‘Greatness is a Woman’s Birthright!’ – Nella Chikwe


The Unstoppable Woman Of Purpose Global Anthology Movement, Volume 1 of 24 Series. 22 Women leaders share how they conquered life and business with confidence and certainty.


For every visionary woman to live life on purpose with passion.  Increasing her value and sphere of influence. Prosper in life and profit in business, whilst being spiritual, smart and substantive. As the world is waiting for her to INSPIRE, INFLUENCE and make an IMPACT to those she is called to serve.  As this is the TIME for women to stand up tall, stand strong and soar higher than ever before.

To value the importance of genuine connectioncontribution and divine collaboration within the scope of impact that is inimical to competition, comparison and compromising her beliefs, value, voice and vision.

To inspire greatness in women so that they can become that formidable force of possibility and an unapologetic confident leader. She will step into her greatness, become unstoppable in pursuing her purpose with passion, who charges her power both financially and emotionally. Ultimately allowing her Voice, Vision & Visibility to make an impactful difference around the globe. As her Story Matters!

Visionary Woman, YOU will be Inspired, Influenced and Impacted by The Unstoppable Woman Of Purpose GLOBAL MOVEMENT


  • You will gain clarity, confidence and courage to step into being that unmovable, unshakable and unapologetically fierce, fearless and UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN OF PURPOSE. 
  • You will see your heart’s desires come to pass immediately.
  • You will create a harvest that you won’t have room enough to receive.
  • YOU WILL increase your life in a multitude of ways, especially financially.
  • Increase you spiritually, emotionally and financially.
  • Connect you to your successful purpose in life.
  • Pull you out of the cycle of lack, uncertainty and misguidedness

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