By Nella Chikwe
I had been battling a repeat ailment of laryngitis all week. It’s been reoccurring for the past 12 months. This morning I woken up with literally “NO VOICE” at all. A predicament and CRAAAAAZY CIRCUMSTANCE, given I was scheduled to jump on LIVE RADIO for my monthly Co-Contributing Inspirational Segment on BE-INSPIREED RADIO SHOW @
As a professional entrepreneur I had updated one of my Hosts in advance to alert her of my sticky situation & to be prepared for worse case scenario #2, that I was unable to join her on air. To better prepare for my replacement segment. Nevertheless, I was HOPEFUL that my voice would improve. To wake up on “D-Day” with it being worsened. I immediately tried to get hot fresh ginger, honey and lemon in me to see if my voice would return to at least allow me to get through my segment. But to no success.
As a woman of integrity I updated my beautiful friend and host Naomi Rudisill-Burrell stating there has been no improvement and I’m unable to talk, nor continue to strain my voice further. At all cost I attempted to avoid jeopardizing damaging my voice box. Given I am a Global Speaker, I need my VOICE to do what I have been called to do and fulfill my purpose. After updating Naomi, I sat in my car at my children’s school car park and ASKED GOD ‘HOW CAN I STILL INSPIRE without my BOUNCE being heard?’
#BOOM Instantly, I received this divine message. “BE PRO-ACTIVE & THINK CREATIVELY. You can still INSPIRE….just IMPROVISE.” Immediately I knew what to do!!!! Propose to the Host; to READ out what I had prepared to SAY, as it was my sole intention to SHARE a snippet of my recent Australian Anthology of #SHELEADSMovement to the community followed by some self-discovery questions for them to delve into and receive a greater revelation of their purpose.
To live full out their purpose with passion and build wealth. ????You’ll inevitably SEE by my text thread that you can still INSPIRE, EMPOWER and LEAD regardless of any circumstance.
[QUESTION:] Are you willing to CHANGE the CIRCUMSTANCES and curveballs that show up in life and business with courageous creativity? Are you willing to still SHOW UP, STAND OUT. BE Brave and BOLD in the midst of adversity to achieve your intentions. No matter what?
THIS IS HOW your circumstance can change! It takes resilience, tenacity, will power, gusto (fire on the belly) ????, courage, crystal clear intentions of your “WHY” and willingness to be fierce, fearless and unapologetically unstoppable no matter what! Period! This is the KEY to be Inspirational and Influential as The Unstoppable Woman Of Purpose, you’re destined to BE!
WATCH REPLAY from our Facebook LIVE!!! Apologies as we had technological glitches. But HEY, as in the words of my UNSTOPPABLE Sis & Co-Author
 Rebecca Adams mantra- Keep Going ~ Always!


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